NEW: Judge rules FOR Delta-8 sales in Texas

There’s exciting news out of Austin this morning. It’s being reported that a judge has issued a temporary injunction against Texas’ ban on delta-8 and similar isomers.

Hometown Hero, the company which filed the lawsuit, reported Monday morning that they have received a temporary injunction from the judge. This means that Texas cannot enforce its ban on possession and sale of Delta-8, for now. 

It’s anticipated DSHS will appeal this ruling. It’s not clear when the next hearing will be set, but the next step would be a hearing on a permanent injunction.

This is a major early victory. Before today, if you were caught possessing or selling delta-8, you could be charged with felony possession. This temporary injunction halts that enforcement mechanism, which has been our concern from the beginning.

You can read a play-by-play of Friday’s hearing from Texas Cannabis Collective here.

If you would like to donate to the lawsuit, you can do so here.

You can also check back here for updates. As of now, you are safe to transact, possess, sell and use Delta-8 and other related isomers, like THCO, THCP, and THCV. This could change through appeals, so stay vigilant to the updates.

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