Buyers & Sellers


If you are a buyer seeking wholesale amounts of biomass, flower, oils, or other Texas-made hemp products, please visit our new Budee Marketplace to browse current wholesale listings from Texas Hemp Growers members. We are always seeking and adding new products to the catalog, so check back often.

Farmers, Processors, Manufacturers

If you are a THG member farmer, processor, or manufacturer interested in having your products listed in the Budee Marketplace, please register for a free Grower Budee account here, and then e-mail or call Zachary Maxwell to setup a delivery of samples.

Every product — particularly biomass and flower — is appraised, before it’s listed for sale in the Budee Marketplace. This adds a layer of protection for our buyers.

We will also ask for a current lab report for any product you wish to have listed in the Budee marketplace. We may require your license and lot number if you haven’t already created those in your Budee account.

Here is a non-exclusive list of products we are interested in procuring for the Budee Marketplace:

  • Edibles (gummies, chocolates)
  • Hemp protein foods (hemp seed, hemp seed oil)
  • Industrial derivatives (fiber, hurd, grain)
  • Pre-rolls & pre-packaged flower
  • Topicals

Question? Comments? E-mail or call Zachary Maxwell.