Texas Hemp Seed Certification

Texas Hemp Growers is certifying seeds for its members. Our rigorous certification process will help us determine which companies and strains we want to promote to our members and other Texas farmers for purchase.

If you are a seed breeder who would like to have your strains promoted to our rapidly growing membership, then please proceed to the certification process below.

Step 1: Complete a Company Profile

Time to complete: Approx. 5 min

You will need:

  • Company information
  • Hemp license information
  • Price sheets
  • Knowledge of how seeds are tracked, handled and delivered

Start Company Profile

Step 2: Complete the Seed Profile

Time to complete: Approx. 10-15 min each

You will need:

  • Seed pricing information
  • Certification documentation (if strain is state certified)
  • Knowledge of how the strain grows and its profile
  • Farmer references in areas where the strain has been grown
  • Germination and feminization details
  • COAs
  • Picture of a mature plant for this strain

Complete a Seed Profile for each variety you would like Texas Hemp Growers to evaluate.

PLEASE READ: This application should only be used to register hemp seed varieties harvested for cannabinoids. We are not evaluating grain, fiber, or dual-purpose varieties at this time

Start Seed Profile